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Most everyone has heard that "a picture is worth a thousand words." And when an artist sets out to capture an image, it could portray a number of things - a feeling, a thought, a moment in time - the possibilities are as wide as the sky.

Illustration, to me, is all about telling a story. And the best illustrations will capture you in the first instant, just as a brilliant opening sentence will grab the reader of a book. Then the more you look at them, the more detail and subtext of the story you can see. This is what I try to achieve with my own drawings.

Each individual project presents its own unique challenges and delights. Books require consistency and being able to capture the action or emotion of a moment and encapsulate it in an image, and tell the story over a series of drawings. Articles, though shorter, need one or two illustrations that encompass the tone of the entire work. In my greeting cards I try to create an image that will evoke a feeling in the viewer  - I imagine, would I like to receive this card? Will it touch something in me?

Most of all, I want to convey a warmth, beauty and wonder in the work I do. I find so much that makes me smile, from the colors of a sunrise, to exquisite music, to a kind gesture, to the feeling of contentment. These are the things that inspire my images, and I hope you may feel a bit of what I felt creating them.

I am very happy to show some of my work. To have a look, please click here.

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